Blind go out: ‘She probably believes I have seen a lot of Sharknado flicks’ | matchmaking |

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Blind go out: ‘She probably believes I have seen a lot of Sharknado flicks’ | matchmaking |

Meg on Jamie

Just what were you longing for?

A great evening with an appealing individual.

First impressions?

Friendly, nice smile, good looking.

What did you mention?

MSN messenger, scuba and
Jeff Bezos

Any shameful minutes?

None that I observed.

Great dining table manners?

Great, even when dealing with softshell crab.

Smartest thing about Jamie?

He is an easy task to communicate with making me chuckle.

Do you introduce him to your friends?

Sure, you will want to?

Describe him in three words

Amusing, fascinating, imaginative.

Precisely what do you would imagine he manufactured from you?

That I became sufficient business to talk to until after 11pm on a Monday.

Did you go on somewhere?

No – see above.

And… do you hug?


In the event that you could alter a very important factor regarding night, what would it is?

I would have consumed a lot of classy almonds that was included with the beverages.

Markings away from 10?


Do you meet once more?

The guy requested my personal wide variety, thus hopefully we’re going to.

Jamie on Meg

Just what had been you dreaming about?

Cost-free food and great company.

First thoughts?

Pleased and comfortable.

Just what did you discuss?

B-movies (Sharknado, Croctopus, etc), holiday aspirations and cooking.

Any embarrassing minutes?

As I came early and ended up being used on a tour associated with the building. I think Meg was actually baffled when she came.

Great dining table manners?

Great – she was knowledgable about wine and supplied me the woman food.

Ideal thing about Meg?

Wicked sense of humour.

Are you willing to introduce her your pals?

She’s most likely too adult for most of my buddies.

Describe the girl in three words

Acute, amusing, interesting.

Precisely what do you believe she made of you?

Most likely viewed a lot of Sharknado movies and very daring.

Do you continue somewhere?

Nope, it had been previous 11 on a Monday.

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And… did you hug?


If you could change the one thing regarding evening, what would it be?

I mightn’t have filled up on almonds at the start.

Scars away from 10?


Can you fulfill again?

Perhaps not in a date framework, I don’t think.

Jamie and Meg ate at
Mortimer Home
, London W1

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