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June 10, 2015
Fall into Narcissus
August 28, 2015

Styled GaldiolaThe birth flower or flower of the month for August is the Gladiolus or Gladiola.

There are more than 180 species of this, at times underappreciated, flower. The Gladiolus gets its name from the spear shaped leaves which resemble the Roman Gladius or “short sword”. In the early 19th century, this lateral flower with large stately blooms was said to denote sadness and was primarily used in bereavement work, specifically funeral wreaths, and expressions of sympathy. Through much of the 20th century, this tradition has held and has resulted in this bloom being regulated to this most unfortunate status.

In truth, the Gladiola when used en masse can be quite stunning. Large vessels of all striking red gladiolus have graced the entry of many premier hotel lobbies from the Ritz Carlton to the Venetian in Las Vegas. The peek bloom cycle of a gladiola can last well over a week, making this flower an ideal candidate for oversized installations. For wedding and event design, the white gladiola can provide dramatic height to styled entry pieces.

Other fabulous peek blooms locally available throughout the month of August are the Sunflower, Wild Rose, and Sweet William. Local growers in the Great Garden State produce a stunning crop of these sustainable blooms. Whilst these blooms can be had all year long, the best time to buy local is August in New Jersey.

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